Attic Mold

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Mold in attics often appears first as mildew. Mildew’s appearance
can range from white and powdery growths to black spotted growths. Mold can also appear as white, black or even green fuzzy growths.



Moisture is the primary cause of mold in any area of the home, the attic included. Excess moisture in the atmosphere, either due to humidity or water infiltration, will nearly always result in mold growth.

Inadequate Ventilation

Without proper ventilation, excess moisture has no method of escape. Correcting inadequate ventilation issues in an attic space by increasing ventilation or installing power vents can reduce the amount of moisture in the air.


To prevent future growth, remove excess moisture in the air by making sure that no outside water is getting in by way of leaks or failing gutters. Remove humidity by providing ventilation and have the mold impacted areas treated by trained professionals.

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