Mold Removal

mold clean up albany nyIt is impossible to get rid of mold as mold spores will be floating in the air and in house dust.  The mold spores will continue to grow if there is moisture present.  Therefore, it is important to find and clean up the mold and fix the water/moisture problem that is the source of the mold.  If the mold is cleaned up, but the water/moisture source is not fixed, the mold WILL come back.  Dead mold may still cause allergic reactions in some people, so it is not enough to simply remove the mold that you can see.

Professional mold removal by Earth Safe Environmental techs can help make your property or home mold free. If you have mold, get help to keep your home and family healthy. Mold can damage property, reduce the value of your antiques and cause health issues for your family. Children and the elderly are very susceptible to mold related breathing problems. The allergy prone can also experience significant breathing problems.